Golden Years, Golden Cheers, Supporting Our Seniors

Awesome Human’s Quarter of Kindness – Celebrating Our Seniors!

Hey Awesome Humans! We’re super excited (and a bit proud) to announce our very first donation from the Awesome Fund for Micro Charities! This first season, we’re focusing on a group that’s woven into the fabric of every community – our beloved elderly. It’s a celebration of our golden years, where wisdom and experiences should be cherished, not overlooked. Our first donation will be made on November 1st, and you get to vote for the charity that will receive it though our survey and social media channels.

Why Our Elders?

We often overlook the 65+ crowd, assuming they’re all set with retirement plans and cozy living rooms. But the reality? It’s not just about having a nest egg. Our seniors face unique challenges – loneliness that leads to health problems, difficulty accessing essential services, and sometimes just needing a friendly chat or a helping hand.

This July, we’re donating to a charity that stands up for our elderly. We’ll announce the recipient in the coming months, but here’s a sneak peek at what they’re all about:

• They’re a small-scale hero, working tirelessly in the US.

• Their focus? Enriching the lives of seniors, bringing joy and support.

•From combating loneliness to providing essential care, they’re all about making golden years truly golden.

Eye-Opening Facts:

• Social isolation can significantly impact the health of older adults, leading to risks like high blood pressure and heart disease.

• The need for accessible and safe housing for older adults is growing rapidly, with over 19 million living in homes needing repairs or modifications to meet their needs.

Awesome Charities We Adore:

While we’re deciding our first recipient, here are five small but mighty charities dedicated to uplifting our senior community:

1. Pets for the Elderly Foundation ( Connecting seniors with furry companions, this charity aims to bring joy and companionship into the lives of elderly individuals through pet adoption.

2. Second Wind Dreams ( Focused on making dreams a reality for the elderly, Second Wind Dreams enhances the quality of life for seniors by fulfilling their heartfelt wishes.

3. Justice in Aging ( A national organization advocating for low-income older adults, Justice in Aging fights for their rights and works to ensure their well-being and dignity.

4. Friend to Friend America ( This organization combats loneliness and isolation among seniors in long-term care by pairing them with volunteers who provide friendship and emotional support.

5. The Elderly Wish Foundation ( Dedicated to granting wishes to elderly individuals facing life-limiting conditions, The Elderly Wish Foundation aims to bring joy and create lasting memories for seniors in need.

Join the Awesome Movement:

Your purchase doesn’t just make you look good, it does good! Part of every sale goes to our Awesome Fund, starting from day one. Because helping others should never wait.